Jeremy Lin’s Dissatisfaction with New York Knicks Proves Star Is Immature

Jeremy Lin is reportedly dissatisfied with the way the New York Knicks have handled his contract situation this summer, which is just ludicrous when put into proper perspective.

According to Mitch Lawerence of the New York Daily News, Lin became upset with the organization that helped launch his career, because they waited for another team to offer the restricted free agent a contract before matching (which turned out to be the Rockets floating a $29 million sheet his way), instead of striking first.

Considering the uniqueness of Lin’s situation—with the limited amount of high-level production on the court compared to his immense marketability—it made perfect fiscal sense for the Knicks to hang back and let other teams make the first move.

The franchise had always had every intention to match any offer sheet and even told ESPN’s Marc Stein in early July that they would pay up to a billion dollars (which obviously isn’t even possible under the salary cap) to retain Lin.

Apparently, Lawrence found that the Rockets somehow convinced the Harvard product that the Knicks were not nearly as interested as they were in acquiring his services. This has caused Lin to feel slighted by the organization, when he absolutely should not be.

New York had a busy offseason with attempts to make their roster better. That included re-signing Steve Novak and J.R. Smith while bringing in Jason Kidd and Marcus Camby as backups. Lin was obviously the top priority, but the team knew they could not lose him as a restricted free agent.

He should also be thankful that New York even gave him a chance in this league and allowed him to become an emerging star after starting in just 25 games last season.

What Do You Think About Lin Being Upset with the Knicks?

What Do You Think About Lin Being Upset with the Knicks?

  • It’s ridiculous, he should be grateful

  • Doesn’t make a difference

  • He should be mad that they did not offer first

  • Total votes: 720

The 23-year-old would never be as much of a household name if his out-of-nowhere breakout did not happen in the Big Apple. He would never even have been dreaming of getting offer sheets in the $29 million range over four years if he had remained a backup in Golden State.

Lin must grow up and be grateful for this instead of feeling bitter that the Knicks allowed another team to make the first offer and then quickly matching.

The New York Knicks are taking care of Jeremy Lin and setting him up to be financially comfortable for the rest of his life, all for playing a game he loves in a league he was nearly out of just a year ago.


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