Reports that Jeremy Lin is Upset with the New York Knicks Are Silly: A Fan’s Take

Somewhere Jeremy Lin must be laughing to himself.

On July 11, 2012, multiple online publications reported that Lin was upset at the New York Knicks for letting him test free agency. The New York Daily news stated that Lin felt slighted because the Knicks didn’t offer him a contract first. Instead, the Houston Rockets offered Lin a four-year deal worth $28.8 million.

So now Lin is allegedly upset with the Knicks. Of course none of this information comes from Lin himself. It comes from a league source.

In other words, these are nothing but rumors. This is the media taking advantage of a trending topic and putting a spin on it to gain page views. This is complete hype.

The New York Daily news also stated that « this is a sign to some NBA observers that Lin’s sudden stardom has clouded his thinking« . Really? Multiple news outlets expressed concern about Lin since he started just 25 games with the Knicks. Now Lin, a Harvard graduate, suddenly thinks of himself as a star after 25 starts? I don’t think so. This is once again speculation.

After watching all of his games last season and many of his interviews, my impression is that Lin is a complete team player. He seems humble. He knows he has a lot of work ahead of him. And he appears to have a strong work ethic that will enable him to improve. This is why I can’t believe that he is upset with the Knicks, or that he has become some sort of diva. We gave Lin credit for what he did on the court, so we can certainly give him credit for how he’s handling himself off the court.

The simple truth is that nobody knows how Lin is feeling right now. But we have this clue from Lin’s Twitter feed:

« my least favorite dream: the one where all my teeth keep falling out. if i get one more of these im wearing a mouthguard to bed« 

This particular dream has specific meanings in the world of psychology. It indicates stress about a job situation, lack of power at work or anxiety about lying. These could all apply to Lin right now, as he sits in limbo between the Rockets and the Knicks. But it doesn’t sound like he is angry or upset.

So everyone relax and take a deep breath. The New York Knicks will match Houston’s offer and sign Lin. We really don’t know if Lin is upset with the Knicks or not. But once Lin signs the Knicks’ offer, he will be a Knick again. And Lin, the Knicks and the rest of us can finally exhale.

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Edwin Torres was born in New York City. He has been a Knicks fan since the early 1980s. He has visited Madison Square Garden on many occasions to watch the Knicks and his favorite player, Patrick Ewing. For more articles, follow him on Twitter @FlipPoker.


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