Jeremy Lin: Leaving the New York Knicks Is the Smart Move

Linsanity and the Big Apple might as well be one. 

After Jeremy Lin rose to stardom this last season with the New York Knicks, box offices and fans were never so excited over one player on the floor.

Though Lin was shortly sidelined after a season-ending knee injury, New York and Lin formed a bond that looked to never be broken. 

But as of now, Linsanity looks to be headed in a new direction, a direction that does not involve the Big Apple or thousands of screaming Knicks fans holding signs with phrases like, « To Linfinity and Beyond. » 

Whether or not New York is ready to let their prized possession go, it looks as though the issue will settle soon.

According to David Aldridge of TNT, « Jeremy Lin has officially signed three-year, $25.1M offer sheet with the Rockets, » and the Knicks will have a mere three days to match the offer. 

Now before all of you Lin fans begin to scream and holler about the stupidity that would arise from the Knicks not matching the $25.1M offer sheet that the Rockets proposed, think carefully about what may be best for Lin heading forward. 

Lin has been without a doubt the epitome of hard work and dedication. As a Harvard graduate and the first Asian-American basketball player to make it to the NBA, he has been a role model to every aspiring player—something that can be said only of a few players.

But as the free-agency period has gone into a frenzy, so has Lin’s potential time with the Knicks. And if the Knicks do indeed decide to let Lin go, let me tell you, there will be something even better on the other side—even if it is in good ‘ole Houston, Texas. 

Should Jeremy Lin stay with the Knicks?

Should Jeremy Lin stay with the Knicks?

  • Yes

  • No

  • Not if he wants to have a better career.

  • Total votes: 571

Many of you may have forgotten about the seven-foot sensation that was Yao Ming, but for those you who have not, you know what I am about to say. The Houston Rockets have been home to the biggest Asian player to play in the NBA, and now they will have the opportunity to host possibly an even bigger Asian basketball player who, mind you, isn’t a full-blown foreigner. 

Houston has already established a fanbase of not only Chinese fans, but of all Asians alike. This may be a small aspect of a much bigger picture, but let’s be honest, there is a lot going for Lin if he heads for Houston. 

But on to the big picture of Lin leaving New York. 

Lin will be the center of attention in Houston whether or not he or Goran Dragic starts. The Knicks recently acquired Jason Kidd, so the chances of Lin starting are slim to none, and as the relationship between Coach Woodson and Lin reaches uncertainty, there is a high chance that Lin gets used in the wrong way.

But in Houston, Lin and Dragic will have a fair opportunity to fight for the starting spot, and if Houston is smart, they will start Lin. Not because he is far superior to Dragic, but because he will bring the attention and money that Houston can see in their pockets. Coach McHale is also a big plus as he proves to be more than a solid coach in this league, and it would be hard to see him misuse Lin in any way. 

Lin may have been born in New York, but he won’t be able to live unless he goes to Houston. Glitz and glamour are just not fitting for Lin, and at the end of the day, Lin may just be a backup guard in this otherwise guard-heavy league. 

Who knows where Lin will end up, but wherever he does, you never know if somewhere other than New York would suit Lin better.


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